Our Ecological Youth Hostel in Tarabuco

In the year 2008, the organization Centro Ecológica Juvenil (CEJ) opened a second ecological center and a youth hostel, in the town of Tarabuco, also at 3200 m, 13,500’.altitude. The organization CEJ plans a variety of activities together with local communities. The goal is to improve the climate and to create a similar “forest paradise” in this region as was accomplished through reforestation in the Cajamarca Valley. In addition, workshops for tailoring and knitting which last several weeks are offered at the youth hostel, mostly for young adults. There are open-door weekly activities such as crafts, reading and sports geared to children and youth.

The Youth Hostel Tarabuco opened in 2008, 65 km (40 miles) to the east of Sucre. The Hostel is currently very successfully managed by Alberto Tapia and Marlene Yucra. The forester and technician Alberto Tapia runs the hostel and guides foreign volunteers, both young and old, who come and work up to a year with social projects going on in and around Tarabuco.

International Cooperation

With the support of Youth Hosteling International, Bolivia for some years we have been able to host the young German volunteers who come through “weltwärts,” (worldward bound), alternate civil service, and IJFD. These young people stay in the two CEJ centers and work with social projects. There are two to four volunteers assisting in the morning at the school. Some also work with the Tarabuco Department of Tourism or at the local hospital. They are also involved in the above mentioned open-door youth activities.

Studies in Nutritional Science

The emphasis in these courses is on healthy nutrition that is sustainable, tastes good, and is environmentally friendly. The curriculum includes many concrete and realistic examples with suggestions for participants on how to motivate others towards healthy eating habits. These courses last three months and are conducted by a trained and experienced Bolivian nutritionist and cook in cooperation with our organisation. Trainees themselves harvest the vegetables for these courses in our gardens and green houses.